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Since 2015, the Canadian Polar Data Workshop (CPDW) has been a forum for supporting and advancing polar data initiatives in Canada. Structured to reach specific outcomes, these workshops have helped to develop Canada’s national polar data strategies and to further national objectives in the areas of data discovery, federated search, data interoperability, knowledge transfer, and Indigenous data sovereignty. The first three workshops resulted in significant progress toward Canada’s leadership in global polar data initiatives, notably the summary reports, contributions to the Arctic Observing Summit, and the realization of the CCADI partnership.

Previous Canadian Polar Data Workshops:

  • CPDW1 Ottawa, 2015
  • CPDW2 Ottawa, 2017
  • CPDW3 Banff, 2020

CPDW4 Convener

CPDW4 is proudly convened by the Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability (CCADI).

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The Planning and Advisory Committees would like to thank the following sponsors of the Workshop:

Narwhal ($25,000)

Muskox ($10,000)

Snowy Owl ($5,000)